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Dr. M. K. Mohan Maruga Raja
Dr. M. K. Mohan Maruga Raja is a Professor of Pharmacognosy. He is serving the Journal of Natural Remedies as Editor-in-Chief from 2018. His broad area of research is herbal drug technology and phytochemical analysis. The main research specialization is drug discovery by systematic exploration and bioactivity guided isolation of active constituents and /or new chemical entities (NCEs) from traditionally claimed medicinal plants. Currently, he is working on traditional Indian cuisines as possible functional foods. He has published many articles in various impact factor journals. Also, authored many books and book chapters with reputed publishers.

    Associate Editors

Dr. D. Prashanth Dr. Balu Ranganathan
India United States
Dr. M. K. Kathiravan Dr. Jolius Gimbun
India Malaysia

    Editorial Board Members

Dr. Deepak Kumar Semwal Dr. Kuntal Das
India India
Dr. Mruthunjaya K. Dr. Peter Achunike Akah
India Nigeria
Dr. Chandrashekar K. S. Dr. Vidhu Aeri
India India
Dr. Rajendra Gyawali Dr. R. S. Tomar
Nepal India
Dr. Vipin Dhote Dr. Agilandeswari Devarajan
India India
Dr. G. S. Chakraborthy Dr. Avijit Mazumder
India India
Dr. Eric Wei Chiang Chan Dr. Nallupillai Paramakrishnan
Malaysia India
Dr. Ketan Shah Dr. Saumya Das
India India
Dr. Manik Ghosh Dr Rama Bhat P.
India India

    Editorial Manager

Kavitha Kumar
Informatics Publishing Ltd.

    Journal Coordinator

Sumana G. R.
Informatics Publishing Ltd.