Bacopa monniera Extract Inhibits Tumor Promotion in Fibrosarcoma Bearing Rats


  • University of Madras, Chennai, India


Objective: To investigate th e tu mor in h ibitory effect of th e ethan olic extract of Bacopa mon niera ( B. monniera ) in 3- Methylcholanthrene (3-MC) induced fibrosarcoma bearing rats. Methods: 3-MC induced fibrosarcoma in male Wistar rats was used to investigate the tumor inhibitory property of B. monniera (20mg/kg, sc, 30 days). Tumor inhibitory property was assessed by studying the mean survival time, body weight and tumor weight changes, activity of the tumor markers like gamma glutamyl transferase (GTT), cathepsin -D, ceruloplasmin, levels of circulating immune complexes (CIC) and histopathological changes. Results: Fibrosarcoma bearing rats exhibited decreased mean survival time (40.45 ± 4.5 days) and body weight (57.66± 4.5 gms) with increased tumor weight ( 12.36 ± 0.32 gms), p&3#60;0.01. Tumor markers like GTT (5.84± 1.13 IU/L, p<0.01) cathepsin - D (7.08 ± 1.29 nmoles of tyrosine liberated/min/m protein, p<0.01), ceruloplasmin (2.95±0.41 mg/ dl, p<0.0 5 ) and CIC (33 4.6 ± 4 .6 3 O D x 103 , p<0 .0 5 ) were increased. Histological assessmen t revealed fibrosarcoma tum or with a typical herring bone pattern. B. monniera treated rats exhibited enhanced mean survival time (54.5 ± 3.9 days), body weight (80 ± 6.2 gms), and decreased tumor weigh t (5.34± 0.22). GTT (3.13 ± 1.05, p<0.01), cathepsin-D (5.75 ± 0.28, p<0.01), ceruloplasmin (1.59 ± 0. 20, p<0.05) and CIC (267 ± 12.98, p<0.05) were found to be lowered. Sections of tumor tissue revealed in hibited tumor progression. Conclusion: The ethanolic extract of B. monniera inhibits tumor progression in fibrosarcoma bearing rats.


3-Methylcholanthrene, Fibrosarcoma, Bacopa Monniera, Circulating Immune Complexes (CIC).

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Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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