Effect of Zeetress on Broiler Performance - A Study


  • Central Poultry Training Institute, Bangalore, 560089, India
  • Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, 560082, India
  • VHL Poultry Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Bangalore, 560027, India


Objective: To study the effect of Zeetress (a polyherbal preparation) on broiler performance. Materials and methods: Two hundred and forty healthy commercial broiler chicks in two groups (120 each) with two replicates in each were taken for this study. Both the groups were reared under identical managemental conditions, feed and health coverage. One group was administered with Zeetress while other group served as control (without Zeetress). The body weight, feed conversion and livability were recorded for a period of 40 days. Results: The mean body weight, feed conversion and livability was significantly better in Zeetress administered birds over the control. The Heterophil:Lymphocyte (H:L) ratio was also very close to normal in Zeetress administered group. Conclusion: From this study, it can be concluded that the administration of Zeetress helps to minimise the stress and therefore has a positive effect on weight gain, feed conversion, general resistance and livability with the same feed, management and health coverage.


Zeetress, Broiler Performance, Adaptogens.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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