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MVP Journal of Engineering Sciences

  •  Editor : Dr. K. S. Holkar
  •  Online ISSN :
  •  Frequency : Bi-Annual
  •  Published since :
  •  Publisher(s) : Informatics Publishing Limited and MVP Samajas Karmaveer Adv Baburao Ganpatrao Thakare

Aims and Scope

Aim of the journal is to publish the scientific advancements, novel research work and innovative findings in the area of engineering sciences by providing platform for researchers, academicians and professionals of concerned discipline. The editor encourages researchers to contribute fundamentals and applied engineering research work in MVP Journal of Engineering Sciences (MVPJES).

The subject areas covered by the MVP Journal of Engineering Sciences (MVPJES) are:

IT and Computer: Computer Vision & Machine Learning, Data Science, Big data & Web mining, Network Security, Cloud Computing & High Performance Computing, Bio informatics, Natural language processing, Software Life Cycle Management, Internet of Things, Human Computer Interaction, Internet & Distributed System, Multimedia & Social Network Analysis, Recent Trends in Computer Application, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Advances in Computer Applications.

E&Tc and instrumentation & Control and Electrical Engineering: Power Electronics, Sensor Technology, Micro wave and Nano electronics, VLSI & Embedded Systems, Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability, Modern Trends in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical and Instrumentation, Electrical Control Systems/Power Systems, Control and Instrumentation Engineering and Communication & Networking

Civil Engineering: Building Materials/Construction Technology, Structural Engineering, Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management and Environmental Science and Technology.

Mechanical Engineering: Thermal and Fluid Engineering: Machine Design, New materials including Nano-materials, Manufacturing and Engineering, Transport, Material Science and Engineering and Latest techniques in Thermal Engineering.

Science: Advances in Mathematics, Engineering Sciences and Nano Technology.

MVPJES accepts the following type of research work:

Research Articles: This would contain the original research results.

Review Articles: Brief summary of previously published articles.

Technical Note: This would contain development, procedure or modification of an existing technique.

Monographs: Brief summary or written study of a single specialized subject or area.

Short papers: