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Publish and Share on Social Media

You have just published an article, but it is not yet reaching the desired audience? Well, not anymore. You can make your article available on various social media platforms where you have an account. Yes, you can circulate your article and make it publicly visible and help reach your research work to be available to all. Let’s see how this can be achieved.

Go to the published article in the journal, for each article there is a media button visible by the side of the article page.

Hover the curser on + button, this will display more options to share the article, see Images 1 and 2.

Image 1: Click on + button to display the various options of social media.

Image 2: Social media options.

Click on LOAD MORE  and various media share options get displayed where one can choose on which media one would like to share the article. See Image 3.

Image 3: Social Media Options

As an example, if we click on Facebook, this option will pop-up with login page, to share the article. See Image 4 and Image 5.

Image 4: Facebook pop-up

Image 5: Twitter Pop-up

With these simple steps, you can promote your research work and make your article available in various social media.

Advantage of sharing your published research work would help your work getting cited by fellow researchers.

Publish and Share to cite and reach out!