Physico- Chemical Characterization of Rain Water Collected from Industrial Areas of Hisar, India


  • Department of Zoology, CRM Jat (PG) College, Hisar, 125001, India


Rain water samples were collected from five locations from Jindal Chowk, Red Square Market, Grain Market, Milgate and Gangwa of Hisar for physico-chemical properties of rain water, during the months of June, July and August 2013. The first four locations were industrial and market layouts while the last one was a rural, non-industrialized community on the outskirt of Hisar. The result of the rainwater samples indicated the average values of colour (6.6, 6.0, 6.2, 6.0 and 5.0 Hazen units); turbidity (0.18, 0.162, 0.161, 0.163 and 0.16 NTU); chloride (14,12.6, 13.3, 12.6 and 10.6 mg/l); total hardness (23.0, 21.3, 22.0, 15.1 and 14.3 mg/l) at Jindal Chowk, Red Square Market, Grain Market, Milgate and Gangwa respectively. The pH values of the rain water from the four industrial locations indicated slightly acidic i.e. pH<6.6 in the month of June 2013. In this study a correlation was established between the industrial sites and rainwater that water became acidic due the gases emitted by industries.


Industrial, Physico- Chemical, Pollution, Rainwater, Season

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