Endosulfan Induced Ultrastructural and Biochemical Alterations in Liver of Freshwater Catfish, Clarias batrachus


  • Patna University, Department of Zoology, Patna, 800005, India


The present study was undertaken to investigate the toxic effect of endosulfan (brand 'Endocel' EC 35%) on few liver function test profile and ultrastructure of liver cell in freshwater catfish, Clarias batrachus. Fish were exposed to the two concentrations of pesticide (0.004 and 0.008 ppm) for 30 days. Biochemical analysis of serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (SGPT) and serum glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase (SGOT) along with histopathological examination of liver tissues under transmission electron microscope (TEM) were done on 7, 15 and 30 days of exposure. The results showed significant (P<0.05) elevation in SGPT and SGOT during the different days of exposure. The major ultrastructural anomalies incurred in liver tissues due to endosulfan exposure were dilation of nuclear membrane, congregation of heterochromatin at the peripheral zone of inner nuclear membrane, dilated and broken array of cisternae of rough endoplasmic reticulum, increased vacuolation in hepatocytes etc. The extent of biochemical and histopathological anomalies were found to be duration -and dose-dependent. The result of present study demonstrates the toxic effect of endosulfan in fish at environmentally relevant concentration.


Endosulfan, SGPT, SGOT, Liver, TEM, Clarias Batrachus.

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