Environmental Health Assessment of Stone Crushers in and around Jhansi, U. P., India


  • Bundelkhand University, Institute of Environment and Development Studies, Jhansi, 284128, India


The mining and stone crushing activities have considerable effects on the environment quality and human health. The dust emissions contaminate the air and water. Investigations made on air and water quality in areas adjacent to stone crushers around Jhansi have been reported in this communication. Further, impact assessment of health effects in exposed human population has also been made. Results on water analysis show decline in DO and high values of total hardness, calcium, magnesium, chloride, total solids and total dissolved solids. Stone crushing and associated activities mainly contribute to particulate matter in the surrounding environment. The mean minimum and maximum values of SPM at crushing and residential sites were recorded of 1045.49μm/m3, 1268.6μm/m3 and 545.86 μm/m3, 617.2 μm/m3 respectively. Present investigations show that exposure to dust can cause serious respiratory (45.11%), skin (43.33%), hearing (21.53%), eye (17.8%), dyspnea (14.66%) like health problems. Present study reflects that regulatory measures are urgently needed to protect the environment against pollution caused by stone crusher.


Mining, Environmental Contaminant, Health Hazard, Environment Impact.

Subject Discipline

Environmental Sciences

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