A Study on the Effectiveness of Search Engines in E-Marketing


  • New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • SRN Adarsh College, Bangalore
  • SRN Adarsh College, Bangalore


E-Marketing, Search Engines, Consumer Perceptions.


E-marketing plays a major role in the globalised environment, as it contributes to the economic growth and ease of trading. Considering marketing as an economic engine to drive global development, this research seeks to understand the practices and activities of electronic marketing, marketing performance and the effectiveness of search engines. In order to do this a comparative study is made between various search engines. The research also highlights the techniques of measuring e-marketing performance. The main aim of this work is to identify links between the conceptual framework and empirical analysis in the field of e-business, in particular, e-marketing because they appear to be highly integrated, and if reviewed separately may present distorted results. A purposive sampling approach was used,. Quantitative data was collected through structured questionnaires for testing hypotheses and address the research objectives.


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