Web-Based Surveys: An Emerging Tool

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  • UGC Emeritus Fellow, Bangalore University ,IN
  • Quantitative Methods and Operations, ICFAI Business School, Bangalore ,IN


Bias, Dual-Frame Sampling, Internet, Noncoverage, Nonresponse, Randomness, River Sampling, Web-Based Surveys.
Web Server


With increasing web accessibility and popularity, Web-Based-Surveys (WBS) are becoming common and convenient. In spite of the lower cost and greater speed advantages, there are a few concerns with WBS, including sample randomness. This article reviews WBS scenario briefly, mentions advantages and concerns sources of error. The question of noncoverage is addressed in particular and its impact is examined and this study addresses the category of non-respondents. A few seed ideas for addressing the shortcomings of the WBS are given.




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