Life Table of Cotesia glomeratus (Linnaeus), a Larval Parasitoid of Pieris canidia (Sparrman)


  • Manipur University, Entomology Research Laboratory, Department of Life Sciences, Manipur, 795 003, India


Life table data were calculated for Cotesia glomeratus (Linnaeus) on Pieris canidia (Sparrman). The ovipositing female survived for a mean period of 13± 0.29 days and produced a mean progeny of 163.8 females. The mean duration of immature stage of parasitoid was 35.71 ±0.45 days. The average total progeny was 245±8.05 with a sex ratio of 1:2.03 (M:F). The intrinsic rate of increase (rm) was 0.126 per female per day. The net reproductive rate (Ro) was 150.46 and net generation time (T) was 39.80 days.


Cotesia glomeratus, Larval Parasitoid, Life Table, Pieris canidia.

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