Biodiversity:Concept, Conservation and Biofuture


The convension of Biological Diversity was finalised in Nairobi in May, 1992, signed by the Governments of 156 countries at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Jeneiro on 5th June, 1992 and came into force on 29th December, 1993. Since then, the term "biodiversity" which is the contracted form of biological diversity has come to lime light and become very popular. This term is frequently used by people of different disciplines and sectors, and more particularly environmentalists for various purposes. This is because people are now more or less aware that conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of its components are of critical importance for meeting food, shelter, health and various other needs of the growing global population. Realising this need Governments of several nations including India have framed relevant legislations. Irrespective of all these, biodiversity concept is not clear to most of the people. They often misunderstand and misinterpret it as species diversity, being unaware of its broad spectrum of genetic and ecological (ecosystem) diversity.

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Environmental Sciences

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