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Journal of Environment and Sociobiology

  •  Editor-in-Chief : Dr. N. C. Nandi
  •  Online ISSN : 2454-2601
  •  Print ISSN : 0973-0834
  •  Frequency : Biannual
  •  Published since : 2008
  •  Publisher(s) : Social Environmental and Biological Association

Journal of Environment and Sociology is a biannual Journal is published by Social Environmental and Biological Association (SEBA). It includes three main streams such as social, environmental and biological sciences.
The Journal is included in Web of Science Zoological Record, ICI and UGC Mandate.

Aims and Scope

This is a biannual journal (June and December) which is published in June and December by Social Environmental and Biological Association (SEBA) with the mission of encouragement and dissemination of scientific knowledge on social, environmental and biological disciplines to people of all walks of life and among all strata of the society in India and abroad. It includes three main streams such as social, environmental and biological sciences, both full papers and short communications, as well as reports and reviews, news and notes, seminar proceedings and thesis abstracts, standards and patents, individual experiences and institutional/ laboratory reports, etc., useful for education and awareness of the community at large.

Volume 13, Issue 2, December 2016

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Swapan Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Kanika Trivedy
Pagination: 137-145
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 124 | Pdf Views: 179
Sunil Kumar Gupta, Swapan Kumar Mukhopadhay, Himanish Bhattacharyya, Biplob Kumar Modak
Pagination: 147-155
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 241 | Pdf Views: 94
Santi Ranjan Dey
Pagination: 157-162
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 159 | Pdf Views: 261
Gaurab Gangopadhyay
Pagination: 163-168
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 103 | Pdf Views: 219
Swapan Kr. Ghosh, Subhankar Banerjee, Sujoy Pal, Pradip Kr. Sur
Pagination: 169-180
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 265 | Pdf Views: 296
Swapan K. Mukhopadhyay, Kanika Trivedy
Pagination: 181-185
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 92 | Pdf Views: 232
Himanish Bhattacharyya, Mahasankar Majumder, Kunal Sarkar, Biplob Kumar Modak
Pagination: 187-190
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 86 | Pdf Views: 185
Subhas Chandra Datta, Rupa Datta
Pagination: 191-200
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 308 | Pdf Views: 162
Mrittika Sengupta
Pagination: 201-206
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 159 | Pdf Views: 298
Santi Ranjan Dey, Pankaj K. Singh, Sayak Ganguli, Mitu De
Pagination: 207-216
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 160 | Pdf Views: 131
Pijush Mallick, Sayantan Ghosh, Shruti Chattaraj, Samir Ranjan Sikdar
Pagination: 217-222
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 211 | Pdf Views: 62
Mahasankar Majumdar, Kunal Sarkar, Sanat Kumar Ray
Pagination: 223-232
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 199 | Pdf Views: 56
Paromita Roy, Suresh Mandal, Soumendranath Chatterjee, Viswa Venkat Gantait
Pagination: 233-243
   Full-Text PDF Abstract Views: 236 | Pdf Views: 177