Influence of Heat Treatment on the Exit Burr Height in Drilling of Al Alloy 7075 – A Statistical Analysis


In this work, the effect of heat treatment on the burr height is investigated with three different cutting speeds and feeds in drilling of Al alloy 7075. Al alloy was chosen in three different conditions such as As-cast condition, annealed condition and hardened condition. Three different feeds such as 30 m/min, 60 m/min, 90 m/min and three different cutting speeds such as 12.56 m/min, 37.68 m/min, 62.8 m/ min are chosen. Drilling tests are conducted as per the Taguchi’s L9 orthogonal array. The experimental results are analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to study the influence of the factors on burr height.


Drilling, Burr Height, Al Alloy 7075, As-cast Condition, Heat Treatment, Taguchi, ANOVA.

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