Application of Grain-Based Model in Simulation of Fracture and Strength Features of Brittle Rock


Based on the particle flow theory (PFT), the bonded particle model (BPM) and the smooth joint model were combined into a grain-based model, aiming to reveal the micro fracture features of brittle rock. Then, a lattice model was created to reproduce the mechanical properties of the rock, and the samples were under tensile test and uniaxial/triaxial compression under different confining pressures. The tests were conducted to examine the failure mechanism and strength features of the rock. Through the comparison of simulation results and test results, the grain-based model is proved applicable and reliable in the study of mechanical features of brittle rock. During the research, the grain-based model accurately described the crack features of brittle rock in the loading process, and visually reproduced the internal crack development that leads to brittle rock failure. With the ability to simulate brittle material failure of a greater-than-10 compressive-tensile strength ratio, the proposed model can reveal the entire deformation and failure process of brittle rock.


Particle Flow Theory (PFT), Brittle Rock, Grain-Based Model, Crack, Lattice Structure.

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