Research on Environmental Chemical Behaviour of Heavy Metals in Atmospheric Dustfall


Cadmium and lead contained in atmospheric dustfall are detrimental to the environment and human health. The research on the environmental chemical behaviour of cadmium and lead in atmospheric dustfall can contribute to the prevention or reduction of the occurrence of such environmental chemical hazards. Taking an economic zone in China as the research object, this paper analyzes the pollution situation and the chemical form of cadmium and lead in atmospheric dustfall and studies the relationship between the characters of dustfall and the specification of lead and cadmium by conducting the leaching experiment of dustfall. The results show that the contents of cadmium and lead in the economic zone are 1.64~7.8µg•g–1 and 1.67~777µg•g–1 , respectively. The comprehensive pollution levels of cadmium and lead are mild contamination with the comprehensive pollution index being 1.72 and 1.84, respectively.


Atmospheric Dustfall, Heavy Metal, Environmental Chemical Behaviour.

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