Application of Sliding-Block Reverse-Circulation Drilling Bit in Multi-Layer Goaf Detection


This paper researches specialized reverse-circulation drilling bit for multi-layer goaf detection based on the multi-layer goaf detection project of iron ore mine in Yuan Village and designs a sliding-block reverse-circulation drilling bit with innovation, which is designed with large-through hole central channel, double-row inner orifice and sliding block. The structure of sliding block is used on reverse-circulation drilling bit for the first time. The performance of sliding-block reverse-circulation drilling bit is observed in practical drilling test, indicating good effect of reverse circulation, and high drilling efficiency, with the average drilling efficiency of 33.75m/h on extremely cracked land and 10.17m/h on hard land. The sliding-block reverse-circulation drilling bit can effectively solve the problem of blocking central channel since the structure of sliding block can meet the requirement on drilling. The top plate of multi-layer goaf can be drilled through successfully. C-ALS three-dimensional laser scanner can be put down through the central channel to solve the difficulty of simultaneous scan and detection on multi-layer goaf.


Goaf, Pass-Through Down-Hole Hammer Reverse-Circulation Drilling Technology, C-ALS Three-Dimensional Laser Scanner, Sliding-Block Reverse-Circulation Drilling Bit.

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