Dynamic Monitor of Coal Seam Floor Limestone Water Grouting based on TL-ERT


This paper takes the characteristics of timing data from Time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity Tomography monitor as basis, introduces the Kalman filter technique for a recursive process on the natural electric field data of monitor samples to achieve the timing inversion on monitor data. The dynamic surveillance can be carried out on how the spatial and temporal changes, such as groundwater movement law, water inrush prediction, quarry and mining surveillance. Time-lapse surveillance in a small area of the seam roadway on a short time scale has further proved that the Kalman algorithm has good effect on the inversion process of monitor data. The monitor data inversion interpretation in the natural electric field characterizes the variation of the electrical properties of the floor before and after grouting. The internal correlation between water movement and grouting change is thereby built up. These features attributes TL- Early to playing a good effect in the early-warning of floor water inrush.


Time-Shift Resistivity Tomography, Kalman Filter Technique, Dynamic Monitor.

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