Study on the Application of Double Corridor Project in Managing Geological Defects Affecting Transmission Lines in Mining Areas


The iron tower of transmission lines and its foundation are often confronted with settlement, inclination, displacement, distortion, etc. caused by surface movement and deformation. The double corridor project takes advantage of the layout of working surface, basically the regular time and the slowness of surface movement and deformation. Combined with geological information and mining conditions, the project chooses to construct new corridors in stable goafs which have been moved and deformed by coal mining. Through detecting tower deformation and mastering its trend, the new corridor will be built as soon as the deformation degree reaches the early warning value (the deflection of tangent tower reaches 0.3% while that of angle tower reaches 0.7%). The old corridor is then transformed into a double-corridor project. This project provides new ideas for transmission lines construction in mining areas by solving the problems in rerouting and high cost.


Coal Mining Area, Electric Transmission Lines, Geological Defects, Management, Double Corridor Project.

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