Enhanced Oil Recovery Mechanism of Geological Research of Tight Tuff in Tiaohu Formation in Santanghu Basin


The permian Tiaohu formation in Santanghu basin is a rare tight tuff oil reservoir containing sedimentary organic matters. With medium-high porosity and ultra-low permeability, the oil reservoir is not connected between wells. In the light of the difficulty in reservoir development, large-scale volumetric fracturing was adopted on horizontal wells. Because of the poor physical properties, however, the fracturing fails to achieve substantial improvement of pore connectivity. The transformation effect is far from desirable, as the high initial production is followed by a rapid decline in yield. In order to effectively develop the tight tuff oil reservoir, the authors analyzed the geological mechanism of tuff tight oil, and adopted the water injection and huff-and-puff (WI-HnP) in the light of lab experiments and field tests. The method maximizes the comprehensive benefits of the exploration and development, and sheds new light on deepening the utilization of tight tuff oil reservoirs.


Tight Tuff, Santanghu Basin, Geological Mechanism, Water Injection And Huff-and-Puff (WI-HnP).

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