A Novel Approach of Preparation and Characterization for Fourteen Acid Aluminum Superhydrophobic Films


In order to improve the preparation level of acid aluminium super-hydrophobic film coating, in this paper, a simple and rapid method for the preparation of super-hydrophobic films was proposed. Aluminium substrate was used as the substrate, and the surface roughness structures were first etched with dilute hydrochloric acid, and then configure the n-dodecyl alcohol, fourteen acid ethanol soaking solution, the treated substrate is immersed in the soaking solution by a tapering machine, and finally, a superfine hydrophobic film having a special surface is obtained by heat treatment. The experimental results show that the surface morphology of the film is observed by scanning electron microscopy, and then measured its hydrophobic angle up to 160.9 degrees.


Superhydrophobic, Hydrochloric Acid Etching, Fourteen Aluminum Acid.

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