Damage Identification for Metal Beam Structure based on Curvature Difference and Frequency Perturbation


With the development of metallurgical technology, a lot of large spanmetal beam structures appear in mining, machinery and construction. Structural damage identification is extremely important in engineering. The technology of structural damage identification based on dynamic characteristics has been one of the hot issues in current engineering research. Based on the absolute curvature difference modal analysis method and perturbation theory, the finite element model of a simply supported beam structure was established by ANSYS software, so as to study the damage localization and damage quantification. Under the condition of single damage and multiple damage of simple beam structure, reducing the elastic modulus of each element in the model by means of numerical simulation, and analyzing the change of curvature mode to enable study the damage localization. Then, based on the perturbation theory, the curvature difference mode method is used to analyze the damage quantitatively. The results are of great reference value for damage detection of large spanbeam structures.


Metallurgical, Damage Identification, Metal Beam Structure, Absolute Curvature Difference, Perturbation.

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