A Characterization Method of Rock Fracturing Brittleness based on Multiple Linear Regression


The brittle characteristics of rock mass is the key to the evaluation of unconventional oil and gas reservoir transformation effect. In this paper, in order to accurately brittle rock mass, the multifractal description method of multi-scale fracture distribution was established by means of CT scanning imaging. Considering the multi fractal characteristics of fracture in rock mass, a new method based on multiple linear regression was established to characterize shale brittleness. The B layer of A block in Songliao Basin, China, is selected as the research object, and the evaluation model of the brittle characteristics of rock mass fracture is obtained. The results show that the new method of brittle characterization is in good agreement with the actual results, which lays a foundation for the subsequent research on unconventional oil pressure cracking.


Unconventional Oil And Gas, Rock Fracturing,brittleness Index, Multiple Linear Regression, Multifractal.

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