Distribution of Saturation in Thin Oil Polymer Surfactant Flooding after Polymer Flooding


Aiming at the problem of large precision error of oil saturation monitoring in the current physical simulation process, a self-made oil saturation monitoring system was used to measure oil saturation distribution in the displacement process of Huading I polymer surfactant and Haibo BI polymer surfactant flooding after polymer flooding. And the system is based on the theory of rock electricity and improved method of conventional saturated oil steady-state method. Under the injection of the same PV number, it is obvious that Haibo polymer surfactant is easier to use the unswept area of polymer flooding in various layers. The result shows that Haibo BI polymer surfactant can greatly expand the sweep efficiency of each layer, and Huading I polymer surfactant has a strong oil displacement efficiency.


Physical Simulation, Polymer Surfactant Flooding, Oil Saturation Distribution, Sweep Efficiency, Oil Displacement Efficiency.

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