Research on Assessing Eco-Cycle Industry Chain of Mineral Resources from the Perspective of Innovation-Driven


China has strongly advocated the green development concept for cycle economy and ecological economy, which completely brings the new opportunity and challenges for the mineral industry. Therefore, to transform and update the mineral resources industry chain into an eco-cycle industry chain is the development directions for the mining companies. This article proposes the four aspects of economic operation, R&D, industry chain environmental impact and eco-cycle innovation to establish the green evaluation index system via AHP and expert scoring method, and combine with Entropy-TOPSIS model, and we make a case study for listed mining companies in China’s autonomous region. The findings of result analysis are that the construction of eco-cycle industry chain of china autonomous region listed mineral resources companies lies in primary stage, to achieve the transformation of the industry chain is essential, and to establish the concept of green development and increase investment in green technology contributes to the transformation and upgrading of the industry chain.


Eco-Cycle Industry Chain, Index System, Entropy-TOPSIS, Mineral Resources.

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