Crushing Analysis of Multi-Layer Aluminum Honeycomb – Experiment and Numerical Simulation


To investigate the performance of multi-layer aluminum honeycombs under compression, experiments have been carried out, where crush behaviours were compared between two combinations by using finite element program ANSYS/LS-DYNA, and the validation of the FE model was approved by comparing the simulation result with the data from the experiment. The results show that the force-displacement curves of a multi-layer aluminum honeycomb reflect a trend, in which the peak forces decrease gradually with the increase of layers and the plateau stage is getting shorter with the curves becoming increasingly smooth. This trend is viewed as being beneficial to the compressive process when the specimens are fully crushed. The energy absorption is basically linearly proportional to the number of layers. The staggered arrangement should be given priority due to its energy absorption property.


Multi-Layer, Aluminum Honeycomb, Crush, Numerical Simulation.

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