Characteristic Analysis of the Combined Retaining Structure of Batter Anchor Pile and Slide-Resistant Pile


Integrating the characteristics of two structures, the combined retaining structure of batter anchor piles and slid-resistant piles are applicable to high slope engineering with large horizontal load. This paper employs the finite element software ANSYS and the strength reduction method to explore how the various characteristic parameters of the structure, ranging from the inclination angle of the anchor pile, pile diameter, anchorage depth, to pile spacing, affect slope stability and load bearing properties of the structure. The analytic results show that: the inclination angle of the anchor pile should fall between 20° and 45°, the pile should be driven no less than 8m into the stable rock formation within the theoretical broken angle, but the distance should not be excessively deep, and the pile spacing should be 2~3 times the pile diameter.


Batter Anchor Piles, Combined Retraining, Characteristic Parameter, Finite Element Method, Load Bearing Properties.

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