Relationship Between the Height of the Compression Region and the Underflow Concentration of a Vertical Silo with Consecutive Discharge


A continuous tailings discharge model is proposed to solve the problems of high fluctuations in underflow concentration and relatively low, unstable actual discharge concentration in vertical tailing silos. A mathematical model for continuous tailing discharge was derived based on mass balance equation. A partial differential equation related to the height of the tailing silo in the compression area and tailing slurry concentration was also obtained. Results of the centrifuge and intermittent sedimentation tests show that the effective solid stress equation and solid flux equation correspond with each other. Thus, the relationship between the height of the compression region and the underflow concentration is exponential; subsequently, the exponential equation can be fitted.


Consecutive Underflow, Solid Flux Density Function, Effective Solid Stress, Dynamic Sedimentation.

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