Effect of Various Parameters on the Performance of the Blasthole Drilling


Blasthole drilling process used in opencast mines is one of the conventional methods to extract the ores from ground. During the drilling process, torque available at the bit causes various types of stresses which results in the formation of hole. Tricone bit is one of the most exclusively used bits for the blasthole drilling operation. The drill bit crushes the rock material under its teeth or edges and enables advancement of the drill hole in the intended direction. The bit undergoes very heavy wear and tear which reduces its life, leading to drastic drop in its penetration rate. In this article, the effect of major parameterson the performance of the rotary blasthole drilling as well as on the service life of the said drill bit is highlighted. In this regard, the optimum solutions to increase the service life of the tricone bit and the performance of the blasthole drilling are predicted. This paper also discusses the dynamic behaviors of the blastholedrill rig while drilling in mines.


Blasthole Drilling, Opencast Mines, Blasthole Drill Rig, Tricone Bit.

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