Intensity Analysis and Structural Optimization on Multi-Shank Dozer Ripper : Visualization of Stress, Strain and Deformation through FEA

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  • Department of Mining Machinery Engineering, ISM, Dhanbad 826004 ,IN
  • Department of Mining Machinery Engineering, ISM, Dhanbad 826004 ,IN


Ripper Tip, Shanks, FEA, HARDOX-400, SAILMA-450HI.


Tooth (ripper tip) and shank both are the important part of the ripper which is under huge stress and subject to deformation during operation. In order to improve force condition and to extend its service life, a crawler bulldozer ripper is studied. This paper presents the calculation of the stress, strain developed, and the deformation produced in dozer multi-shank ripper assembled with shank, tooth (also called as tip) and ripper frame. The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) approach was used to determine the stress, strain and deformation. A theoretical model of dozer multi-shank ripper (individual parts like tip, shank, frame) all were created in CATIA with standard dimensions and were assembled further to relate the geometry with practical models and the design was simulated in ANSYS 14 workbench. The properties of the materials used here for shank and tip are as per American Society of Testing and Materials ASTM A897M-90 standards. The materials which are to be tested here on ripper tip and shank are HARDOX-400 and SAILMA-450HI. The magnitude and position of pressure and force applied are described under further sections in detail. The calculation of strain on both the parts with different material is based on maximum distortion theory also equivalent von-misses stress and overall displacements are calculated. Subsequent to findings of the stress and strain suitable modifications and alteration in design and material used are recommended by this study for this particular application.


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Patel, P. K., & Kumar, A. (2022). Intensity Analysis and Structural Optimization on Multi-Shank Dozer Ripper : Visualization of Stress, Strain and Deformation through FEA. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 64(5), 187–192. Retrieved from






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