Review of Exploration Data with Respect to Outliers: Experience XXX Deposit of NMDC Ltd


A resource estimate (calculation of total tonnes and grade within a deposit) is generally underpinned by a clear understanding of the geometry, orientation and control of mineralization and set of assays with assigned 3D spatial locations. The proper interpretation and handling of outliers in a data set is crucial to estimating a mineral resource that is representative of the deposit. Without a firm understanding of the distribution of metal in a deposit, mine planning, scheduling, process planning and economic analysis will likely be flawed. Three of the most important issues in the mineral resource estimation process are the recognition of outlier values in a data set, the source of the outlier values, and the subsequent handling of these high values. Treatment of outliers in mineral resource estimations is a perplexing problem for which there is no generally accepted solution. Each deposit may have a unique distribution of outlier values which may require multiple methods of treatment to fully understand the issues and their effect on the mineral resource estimate.


Exploration, Resource Estimation, Ore, Outliers, Block Model.

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