Investigation into Land Surface Deformation due to Hard Rock Underground Metal Mining using Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (D-InSAR) Technique


Differential Synthetic aperture radar interferometry (D-InSAR) is a novel remote sensing technique to measure earth surface deformation. It is capable of obtaining dense information related to the deformation of a large area efficiently, economically and effectively. Therefore, D-InSAR is a promising technology for monitoring the earth surface deformation related to some natural hazardous events, such as earthquake, volcano eruption, land subsidence, landslide. In this research paper, to understand the deformation phenomena in the study area due to hard rock underground metal mining, three archive scenes dated 2011/ 03/12, 2010/03/09, 2010/01/22 of Alos Palsar single look complex data sets were processed to generate interferogarm. Cartosat-1 stereo pair data sets during the same period (2010/06/13) processed to generate a high accuracy DEM of the study area to eliminate the topographic phase as the area is hilly.


Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), InSAR/D-InSAR, Deformation, Remote Sensing, DEM, Cartosat, Alos Palsar, Underground Hard Rock Metal Mining Etc.

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