Surface subsidence monitoring in mining area of SBAS-InSAR based on Sentinel-1A




SBAS-InSAR, D-InSAR, surface subsidence, levelling, time series analysis


In this study, the surface subsidence caused by underground mining is monitored by the technique of SBAS-InSAR. The second west mining area of Longshou mine, Jinchang Jinchuan Cu-Ni sulfide mine, Gansu province, is selected as the research area for the experiment. The 29 scene elevation rail Sentinel-1A image data from 2019.03-2020.3 are analyzed for the sequence analysis of the SBAS-InSAR. The vertical subsidence rate and cumulative subsidence results of the surface sequence of the mining area are obtained. According to the study, the minimum error of cumulative sedimentation between SBAS-InSAR and D-InSAR is 0.1mm, the maximum error is 21.37mm, and the median error is ±6.65mm. The minimum error of cumulative settlement between SBAS-InSAR and levelling is 0.66mm, the maximum is 23.74mm, and the median error is ±10.79mm. The results show that the application of the SBAS-InSAR technique in the monitoring of surface subsidence in the mining area is reliable, which provides an important basis for the subsequent safe mining in the mining area.


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