Time and motion study of dumpers and shovel deployed at a shallow depth mine


  • IIT Kharagpur, Professor, Department of Mining Engineering, 721 302, India
  • University of Engineering (KU), Assistant Professor, Department of Mining Engineering, Kothagudem, 507 101, India


A friable chromite ore body in Sukinda valley, Odisha is being excavated by opencast mining method. Combination of shovel and dumper system is deployed to lift overburden rock and ore body to the dump yard and ore handling plant respectively. Dumpers carrying overburden rocks travel from loading points in the pit to dump yard and others carrying ore travel to ore handling plant for unloading the material and return. A time-and-motion study has been undertaken to understand the pattern of fuel consumption of loaded and empty dumpers so that a proper economical analysis can be carried out while offloading this work to contractors. In this paper, a methodology is established to determine the fuel consumption of loaded dumper for (i) lifting the material from the loading points to the pit top, (ii) traveling of loaded dumper on the surface from pit top to discharge point, (iii) travelling of empty dumpers from discharge point to pit top and (iv) travelling of empty dumpers from pit top to the loading points. In addition, the cycle time and waiting time of shovels are also collected and analyzed based on the different probability distribution functions.

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