Theoretical research on steady-state and closing value characteristics of liquid level control value




Theoretical research, steady-state, closing value characteristics, liquid level control value


During the refuelling process, the float switch closes when the internal tank liquid level reaches the highest level, but the automatic control valve cannot be closed simultaneously. If the delay time is too long, it may lead to an oil spill accident. In this paper, we analyzed the structure and basic working principle of the liquid level control. In addition, the flow of the automatic control valve, the force condition of the value core, the time required for closing the value, the speed and accelerated velocity of value core movement were theoretically studied according to the fluid momentum theorem and the kinematic equation of the valve closing process, which is of great practical significance for advancing research level of liquid level control valve.


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Chen, C., Song, S., Zhang, S., Guo, J., Zhang, Q., & Yang, J. (2021). Theoretical research on steady-state and closing value characteristics of liquid level control value. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 66(2), 79–84.

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