Socio-psychological dimension of sustainable coal mining: a conceptual model

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Sustainability, coal mining, sociopsychological climate, model


Coal is the prime source of energy in India and is abundantly available. Sustainable coal mining is very important for energy security of the country. Community participation is one of the important factor which is essential for sustainable development of coal sector. Sustainability of the sector requires conservation of coal, best mining practices, protecting environment and inclusive growth of the community and stakeholders. Land and local community are important input to coal mining sector. Economic, social and environmental consideration are addressed while implementing various projects and taking approvals, however, psychological dimension of local community has not been addressed while resettlement and rehabilitation strategies are chalked out. In this paper, an attempt has been made to develop a conceptual model to understand psychological needs of the society, relationship of perception of society in generating positive psychological climate which will lead to community participation towards sustainable mining. Some attributes have also been identified and its presence in the community is expected to play an important role in converting positive psychological climate towards sustainability.


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Kumar, P., & Chandra, B. (2022). Socio-psychological dimension of sustainable coal mining: a conceptual model. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 70(3), 136–140.



Received 2022-06-10
Accepted 2022-06-10
Published 2022-06-10



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