Strain-Cum-Deformation Analysis of Friction Stir Welded AA5052 and AA6061 Samples with Microstructural Analysis

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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, St. Peters University, Chennai 600 054, Tamil Nadu
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram, 521230, AP
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Saveetha School of Engineering, SIMATS, Chennai
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, PSN Engineering College, Tiruneveli, Tamilnadu
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation, Vaddeswaram, AP
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, PSN Engineering College, Tiruneveli, Tamilnadu



Friction Stir Welding, Duplex Stainless Steel, PDZ, ERD, FWTPET.


Friction stir welding is a brand-new welding technique that was discovered in 1991 by Wayne Thomas in United Kingdom. It is a form of solid state welding in which a non-consumable electrode is used to unite two work components without melting either of them. The mechanical characteristics and numerous microscopic studies of materials used for friction stir welding, such as duplex stainless steel UNS S31803, SA 213 tube to SA387, Al7075 alloy, and AA6061 metal, are reviewed. Here, welded areas were the primary focus of the microscopic study, and the diverse outcomes are also discussed.



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