Monitoring of Spontaneous Combustion at a Lignite Stockpile

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  • Ph.D., Institute of Mining Engineering and Safety, VSB–Technical university of Ostrava ,CZ
  • Ph.D, Institute of Mining Engineering and Safety, VSB–Technical university of Ostrava ,CZ


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Spontaneous combustion of coal causes substantial material damage and endangers the safety of workers both in the actual extraction of coal and during its transportation, preparation and storage. For these reasons, great attention is paid to the prevention and early detection of early-stage spontaneous combustion. The issue of early detection of spontaneous combustion at coal stockpiles was addressed by the research project TA01020351 solved in the Czech Republic in 2011-2014. The project was focused on spontaneous combustion of lignite, on laboratory tests of indicator gases of spontaneous combustion, and on the verification of the laboratory tested gaseous products and the development of temperature changes at lignite stockpiles. Brief information about the project have been published in the JmmF in September 2012, pp. 193-196.


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Adamus, A., & Šancer, J. (2022). Monitoring of Spontaneous Combustion at a Lignite Stockpile. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 66(9), 567–571. Retrieved from



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