A Study on the Antioxidant Activity of Semecarpus anacardium L.f. Nuts


  • Seemanta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Natural Products Research Laboratory, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mayurbhanj, 757086, India


Objective: To study the antioxidant activity of different extracts of nuts of Semecarpus anacardium in vitro. Methods: The in vitro antioxdant activity was investigated by two methods: by estimating degree of non-enzymatic haemoglobin glycosylation measured colorimetrically at 520 nm and by assaying DPPH free radical scavenging activity. Results: It was found that petroleum ether and ethanol extracts of nuts of S. anacardium showed higher antioxidant activity than other extracts of it. The antioxidant activities of the extracts are close and identical in magnitude and comparable to that of standard antioxidant compounds used. The antioxidant activities of the extracts were concentration dependant. Conclusion: The results of the present study justify the use of the nuts as folk remedies.


Antioxidant Activity, Semecarpus anacardium Nuts, Non-enzymatic Haemoglobin Glycosylation, DPPH Free Radical Scavenging Activity

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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