Customized Soft Tissue Model for Implant Working Cast


  • SRM Dental College, Department of Prosthodontics, Chennai, 89, India


The objective of this technique was to fabricate a customized soft tissue gingival mask with vinyl poly siloxane impression materials. Microsoft paint software was used to obtain the concentration of color on the patient images and matched for the color differences of impression materials. This color concentration is transferred to the Vinyl Siloxane Impression (VPS) material. The colors were added by addition technique to the catalyst paste of VPS impression materials. Disposable syringe is used to inject the material around the implant analogue of the implant impression and soft cast obtained simulates the gingival color and tissue of the patient around the implant. The patient gingival color on the cast is obtained with this customized technique of gingival mask.


Gingival Mask, Soft Cast, Soft Tissue Mask

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