Bridging the Gap: A Case Report of Tooth Replacement using Resin-Bonded Fiber- Reinforced Composite Resin

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  • Department of Prosthodontics, RUHS College of Dental Sciences, Jaipur - 302016, Rajasthan ,IN
  • Department of Prosthodontics, RUHS College of Dental Sciences, Jaipur - 302016, Rajasthan ,IN
  • Department of Oral Surgery, RUHS College of Dental Sciences, Jaipur - 302016, Rajasthan ,IN



Anterior Esthetics, Fiber Reinforced Composite Resin, Fixed Restoration, Periodontal Splint, Ribbond


This case report details the prosthetic replacement of a mobile mandibular left central incisor using a Fibre-Reinforced Composite resin (FRC) with a denture tooth pontic along with splinting of periodontally compromised teeth adjacent teeth. FRC is ideal because it offers excellent mechanical and esthetic properties, especially when combined with splinting for periodontally weakened teeth. The clinical procedure included selecting an acrylic denture tooth and bonding it to adjacent teeth using FRC without invasive tooth preparation procedures. The prosthetic tooth was shaped, polished, and finished to blend with the surrounding teeth, providing the patient with proper occlusion and esthetics. The patient experienced no discomfort or adverse effects during the follow-up period, and both the esthetic and functional outcomes were satisfactory. FRC offers a conservative, low-cost alternative to implant prostheses and can improve the patient’s long-term periodontal outcome. However, it is essential to note that regular follow-up visits and proper maintenance are necessary to prolong the lifespan of the restoration.



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Sharma, V., Bhansali, S., & Bhansali, S. P. (2023). Bridging the Gap: A Case Report of Tooth Replacement using Resin-Bonded Fiber- Reinforced Composite Resin. Journal of Pierre Fauchard Academy (India Section), 37(3-4), 66–69.



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