Rehabilitation of a Post-trauma Case by Multiple Fixed and Telescopic Prosthesis: A Case Report


  • 12 CDU, Division of Prosthodontics, India
  • CMDC (WC), Division of Prosthodontics, Chandimandir, India
  • AFMC, Division of Orthodontics, Pune, India
  • AFMC, Division of Oral Surgery, Pune, India
  • 21 CDU, Division of Prosthodontics, India


Telescopic prosthesis is used successfully in removable and fixed dentures in combination with natural teeth and implants. All too often, modalities of telescopic prosthesis therapy are perceived as antiquated and overlooked because quicker, easier solutions are available, but this prosthesis is a viable option till date. They offer treatment that can enhance the survival of natural abutments and provide additional options for complicated and complex cases.


Telescopic Prosthesis, Konuskrone, Esthetics, Distraction Osteogenesis, Pendulum Appliance

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