Clinical Efficacy of Subgingivally Delivered 0.5% Controlled Release Clarithromycin Gel in the Management of Chronic Periodontitis


  • ITS Dental College, Ghaziabad, Department of Periodontology, India
  • ITS Dental College, Ghaziabad, Department of Periodontology, India
  • ITS Dental College, Ghaziabad, Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, India


Background: Main indication of adjunctive use of local antimicrobials lie around situations where the outcome of non-surgical mechanical treatment results in limited number of residual pockets. Purpose of this investigation was to evaluate clinical effect of subgingival application of 0.5% clarithromycin gel adjunctive to scaling and root planing (SRP) in management of localized chronic periodontitis.

Materials and method: Thirty sites in patients with chronic periodontitis were categorized randomly into two treatment groups: Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) plus 0.5% clarithromycin gel and SRP only. Clinical evaluation was undertaken using gingival index of Loe and Silness and plaque was assessed using the Turesky et al modification of Quigley Hein Index at baseline, 15 days and 1 month. Pocket probing depth and clinical attachment level were also measured using customized acrylic stents.

Result: Both therapies resulted in significant clinical improvements. Gingival index, probing depth and relative attachment level showed significantly better reduction in CLM group than in the control group. Plaque index also reduced in both the groups but the difference was not statistically significant between the groups.

Conclusion: Although both treatment strategies seem to benefit patients, the adjunctive use of 0.5% clarithromycin showed significant results with respect to clinical parameters.


Clarithromycin, Local Drug Delivery, Periodontitis, Scaling and Root Planing

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