An Innovative Approach for Gingival Re-contouring Using a Provisional Restoration and Positive Pressure - A Case Report*


  • Annoor Dental College and Hospital, India
  • Annoor Dental College and Hospital, Department of Prosthodontics, Kerala, 686673, India


Increase in awareness among patients about the cosmetic options in dentistry make the clinician to be competent enough to meet the needs of the patients. The appearance of the gingival tissues surrounding the teeth plays a critical role in anterior aesthetics and also gingival perspective is concerned with the soft tissue envelope surrounding the teeth. The gingival texture, shape, tooth to tooth progression and its relation to the extra oral tissues are interdependent on many factors. To improve the contour of gingiva we can have either surgical or nonsurgical approaches like application of pressure. In this case positive pressure was applied on soft tissue in an attempt to create the illusion of the restoration emerging from the tissue and the formation of “pseudo†interdental papillae. This article describes a technique of using a uniquely designed provisional restoration for the application of circumferential pressure for contouring gingiva.


Gingival Aesthetics, Positive Pressure, Gingival Contouring

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