Spindle Cell Carcinoma - A Case Report


  • Government Dental College & Research Institute, Bangalore, Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology, Karnataka, India


Spindle cell carcinoma is a relatively rare malignant neoplasm. It occurs primarily in the oral cavity and larynx and less often in the Esophagus and skin. The mean age at diagnosis for Spindle cell carcinoma is 57 years. This paper presents the case of a 17 year old girl with Spindle cell carcinoma involving the left maxillary alveolus. P.D of CGCG and D/D of minor salivary gland tumor, Ca-alveolus, Caantrum was considered. Histopathological and imunohistochemical analysis confirmed a diagnosis of Spindle cell carcinoma.


Spindle Cell Carcinoma, Maxilla

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