Wilson's Disease - A Case Report with Current Status and Management


  • Government Dental College and Research Institute, Fort, Department of Periodontics, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Wilson's disease (WD) is an autosomal recessive inherited disorder of copper metabolism. The condition is characterized by excessive deposition of copper in the liver, brain, and other tissues. The worldwide incidence rate is 10-30 million cases per year. The diagnosis is made by measuring serum ceruloplasmin, urinary copper excretion, and hepatic copper content, as well as the detection of Kayser-Fleischer rings. The mainstay of therapy is copper chelators like D-Pencillamine and Trientine for reduction in body copper to sub-toxic levels. This case report tries to give an insight into the clinical features, diagnosis and management of WD with special emphasis on the dental management that may be taken during the treatment of the same.


Wilson's Disease, D-pencillamine, Aplastic Anemia, Gingival Bleeding

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