Cephalometric Norms for Libyan Population


  • V. S. Dental College and Hospital, Department of Orthodontics, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Al Arab Medical University, Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Benghazi, Libya


Most of the Cephalometric standards available to us today are the results of studies which were carried out on Caucasians. The present study was undertaken to establish norms for the Libyan population and to lay the foundation for future research. Sixty students were selected to be the subjects of the study, of them thirty were males, and the remaining thirty were females. Lateral Cephalograms were made for all the subjects for the purpose of study. Forty nine angular and linear measurements of skeletal, dental and soft tissues and three proportions were calculated for all the thirty male and female subjects included in this study. The mean values for all the measurements with standard deviation are presented for male subjects, for female subjects and for the total population. For the convenience of clinical application, the values of total population were rounded off to the nearest decimal and are presented along with the standard deviation. Male and female subjects were compared using't' test and the significant values are presented.


Norms, Cephalometric, Libyan Norms

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