Ultrasonography and Computed Tomography in the Diagnosis of Periapical Lesions - A Case Report


  • SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Dharwad, Karnataka, India


Recent developments in imaging sciences have enabled dental researchers to visualize structural and biophysical changes effectively. Accurate diagnosis of periapical lesion solely based on clinical and radiographic examination is a difficult task and has its own limitations. To circumvent these limitations, new approaches for the accurate diagnosis of periapical lesion have been attempted using advanced imaging techniques such as ultrasonography and computed tomography. Dental literature evidences the effectiveness of these imaging techniques in the differential diagnosis as well as to asses s the outcome of healing lesions of periapical origin. These newer advances in the periapical diagnostics may help to rule out the need for surgical intervention thus helping the clinician to accurately plan the treatment. These case reports compare the efficacy of two imaging techniques, ultrasonography and computerized tomography in the diagnosis of periapical lesions.


Periapical Lesions, Computed Tomography, Ultra Sonography

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