Endodontic Management of Three Rooted, Four Canalled Mandibular First Molar (Radix Entomolaris): A Case Report


  • Devi Ahilya University, Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, Indore, India
  • College of Dental science, Rao, Deptt. of Orthodontics and Principal, Indore, India


Most mandibular first molars have two roots. The presence of third root in the permanent mandibular first molar is the major variant, a supernumerary root which can be found either distolingually (RADIX ENTOMOLARIS) or distobucally (RADIX PARAMOLARIS), both of which are rare macrostructures in the Caucasian population. Endodontic treatment of these molars may be challenging compared with two-rooted molars owing to the unusual coronal and root canal morphology and a need to modify the access cavity. This report describes the endodontic therapy on three rooted mandibular first molar.


Mandibular First Molar, Two Distal Roots, Four Canals

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