Coronally Advanced Flap Procedure for Gingival Recession and Periodontal Circumferential Defects - a Case Report


  • Santhosh Dental College & Hospital, Dept. of Periodontology and Implantology, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


Gingival recession may present problems. These include root sensitivity, esthetic concern to the patient, predilection to root caries, cervical abrasion, and compromising of a restorative effort. While the dentist focuses on health and on the adequacy of attached gingiva, the patient focuses on proper functioning of the tooth and/or unsatisfactory esthetics. In shallow recession when gingiva is still present treatment usually consists of a modification of home care technique, generally brushing, so the area doesn't "get worse." Patients are frequently told that if they follow proper brushing instructions, the sensitivity will eventually "go away." Often the dentist attempts to desensitize the area or encourages the patient to use a desensitizing agent at home. On the other hand, if Periodontal Plastic Surgery is simple and produces the desired result, perhaps it should be considered.

This case report will outline a simple yet often overlooked technique for management of class II recession in a 30 year old female patient whose major concern is not only esthetics but also proper functionality of the tooth.


Periodontal Plastic Surgery, Gingival Recession, Coronally Advanced Flap, Circumferential Defect, Tetracycline

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